Murals for Local Businesses

 ✓ Increase foot traffic & revenue 

 ✓ Become a landmark for your customers

 ✓ Create an inspiring work culture for employees

 ✓ Reduce vagrancy, vandalism, and litter

 ✓ Drive organic social media engagement 

 It's Free - with no obligation 

How It Works

It’s free — with no obligation


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"Thanks to our mural, people now know we exist, & business has increased by almost 50% "

Metropolitan Cleaners, Santa Monica

A Transformed Wall Is A Transformed Business



Up To 50% Increase In Foot Traffic & Revenue


To drive awareness, businesses invest in awnings and signs costing thousands of dollars, leaving the largest portion of the building still boring, empty or in disrepair.

Your business could be a social media hotspot, reflecting your brand, and driving customers into your store.



Up To 95% Decrease In Vandalism


Most vandals respect art, and many are artists themselves looking for an outlet... A bland wall is a canvas.

Save time and money on removing unwanted tagging simply by making your building beautiful.


Relentless Visibility Makes You A Social Media Powerhouse


Before, it's just a wall, like every other boring wall. After, it's a landmark. No more customers guessing your building. Yes, Joe Customer, "It's the one with the Lion!"

Got Pedestrians? Photos taken of the mural and shared on social media spread your brand organically, creating reusable content for years to come.

It’s free — with no obligation

"Beautiful walls drive people towards them, ugly walls drive people away."

Evan Meyer, CEO, Beautify

Main Street   Santa Monica, CA

Beautify Earth

We've created thousands of murals worldwide. We understand the power they have to totally transform neighborhoods and businesses. We also understand how difficult it can be to get it right. Join us in our mission to beautify the earth while helping you meet your business goals at the same time.

It’s free — with no obligation

Join us to paint the world.

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