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Beauty starts here.

For eight years, our nonprofit has worked with schools and communities in need to create and leverage the power of art from within. 

And so we created a movement.

Our platform helps fund our schools & communities in need.

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Get a Mural

Beautify my property or school with a mural.


Get hired to do what you do best.

Activate your streets with the right tools for success.


Run a mural campaign for my organization or brand.

Support From Around the Nation


Kirsten Gillibrand

US Senator

"I would like to thank Beautify Earth for the work they have done to help revitalize and empower the community as it continues to recover from Hurricane Sandy."


Pam O'Connor

Mayor, Santa Monica 

"Their work has inspired the community and created a colorful street from what was an eyesore for decades."

Champions For Communities Worldwide

Beautify Earth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and international movement that creates impactful murals in neglected areas by engaging with brands, cities, developers, small businesses, neighborhood organizations, schools, and individuals. Our work is fun and creative yet always civic-minded and harnesses our team’s energetic and responsively rebellious spirit.

Our movement networks artists, volunteers, and leaders around the idea that physical change through art creates wellness and positive emotional living experiences. Together we create visual change that resonates positive change through the urban fabric.


Driven by LOVE, we are champions for communities worldwide. We value community, getting sh*t done, and creating positive change through our unique and exponential ROI.  Our murals have proven to make citizens feel uplifted, safe, and proud of their neighborhoods, increase foot traffic and revenue for local businesses, and help expand livable spaces by reducing trash and graffiti.

Some of Our Partners

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Beautify Earth is the recipient of the Cultural Tourism Champion Award from the California Travel Association
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