Lexus’ Art and Marketing Crossover

Lexus launched their brand new crossover SUV, the UX, earlier this year. They observed that in our world that’s been mapped in its entirety, the new frontier and greatest sense of adventure lies in a creative’s ability to shape the world around them into something new using their art and ingenuity.

"Lexus designed their first-ever urban crossover, the UX, with city landscapes and consumers in mind. That’s why, to promote the launch, Givewith designed a campaign celebrating Lexus’ partnership with Beautify Earth, a nonprofit organization working to revitalize and empower communities through art. Lexus' goal was to drive brand awareness and consideration while connecting with their consumers in an authentic and relevant way that aligned with Lexus’ brand values."

Business Impact

  1. 80% increase in brand sentiment

  2. 69% more likely to consider or recommend

  3. 57% increase in overall favorability towards the all-new UX

  4. Higher click rate on social compared to the overall UX performance

Social Impact

  1. 3 murals painted across the greater Los Angeles area

  2. Reduced health risks associated with neighborhood decay and disorder

  3. Increased social cohesion and perceived neighborhood safetySocial impact

Stills and videos documenting the creative process of the three selected muralists

Mural by Jimmy Danko

"Givewith created a digital advertising campaign that raised awareness around Lexus’ and Beautify Earth’s dedication to creating a world worth exploring, while increasing sentiment and favorability for the Lexus brand and the first-ever UX."

Mural by Adrean Wong


Viewer interaction with ads across platforms also resulted in donations from Lexus to Beautify Earth.

Learn more about how Beautify can help create campaigns like this for your brand or agency, or check out some local artists here.

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