Santa Monica Case Study

The City of Santa Monica is a stunning 130+ mural success story of government and community accessing art to effect revitalization and culture transformation. In over a few years, the City of Santa Monica, commissions, business improvement/neighborhood groups, and local NGO’s have proven what it means to lead by example and focuses attention on many business and residential areas that needed some extra support. Santa Monica is now awash with targeted murals that have injected civic pride, boosted tourist interest, proved economically beneficial, and in general increased a feeling of wellbeing in previously neglected or struggling areas of the city.

  • A 20% increase in business revenue

  • 25% increase in foot traffic

  • A 95% drop in graffiti and repainting costs

  • Vandalism costs are continuously higher than creating murals

  • Revitalization and economic development of communities like Lincoln Blvd, Pico Blvd, and Mid-City

  • Littering is reduced through general upkeep and pride of maintained areas

  • New businesses in maintained areas

“Thank you for turning the boring into the beautiful, and building a strong community movement along the way”

-Ted Winterer, Former Mayor of Santa Monica

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