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Until every city is beautiful.

Beautify makes it easy for communities, cities, brands and businesses to transform bare walls into public art that inspires both culturally and economically. Our technology platform connects sponsors, building owners and artists, and guides them through the process of designing, painting and paying for murals and public art. 


Our clients range from shopping center giants to local landlords, major brands to neighborhood associations, big city governments, business development groups, and many NGOs. Our murals have proven to make citizens feel uplifted, safe, and proud of their neighborhoods, increase foot traffic and revenue for local businesses, raise the awareness and perception of brand sponsors, and help expand livable spaces by reducing trash and graffiti.


We ourselves are artists, technologists and experts at urban beautification. We’re always available to help. 


Contact us to learn more and discuss your ideas and plans. Sign up on our platform to join the thousands of artists, landlords, brand managers and city officials who’ve used Beautify to make urban beauty a reality.


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Moral Masuoka

Chief Operations Officer


A love of art, urban design, and social policy drives Moral to integrate Beautify's mission into all aspects of the company. She executes strategic initiatives  from product design to marketing & sales and beyond.


Evan Meyer

Chief Executive Officer

Art Portfolio  |   LinkedIn

Evan’s background in designing and building tech platforms includes MySpace, Anthem, and his own company He is also civic guru and a muralist. 


Justin Wills

Chief Strategy Officer


Founder of art marketplace. An entrepreneur, creative director, and writer with a deep interest in communities and artists.


Eli Sabah

While studying animation, Eli found that product design was where he was needed. He is inspired by art which fuels his creative design work with Beautify. He loves a good record, a cup of coffee, and a dog to be present when he works.


Conceived and originally funded by co-founder Evan Meyer in 2012, the Beautify Earth initiative started on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica (dubbed “Stinkin’ Lincoln”). Evan set out to prove that anyone is capable of making change and that the reward of giving back is inherently the highest form of compensation.


Ruben Rojas & Sergio Cuculiza joined the team and together we created Beautify Earth, which is now an international movement using proven strategies and value sets to bring care, art, color, and love everywhere.

Unfortunately, if you look around, you’ll notice that most of the human created world is bland or blighted. While the reality is quite disheartening, the opportunity is quite exciting in believing of the world we could live in. Some opportunities (that are almost always blighted) to inspire, and for artist expression are commercial and public walls, schools, freeways ramps. utility/electrical/traffic signal boxes, public/city building in disrepair, alleyways, dumpsters/trash cans, lamp posts, vandalism incidents.  It's everywhere.

Art creates change, turns a neighborhood into a community, instills social responsibility and community pride, and has the capacity to inspire; converting frowns and apathy into smiles and inspiration. By empowering our world’s artists and making our bland/blighted walls/fixtures their canvases, every street can create a joyful experience instead of a sad or fearful one.


A commitment inspired by the art and community spirit of Burning Man and the street art mecca of Wynwood, Miami, we started as a 501(c)3 non-profit movement dedicated to making the world a brighter more inspiring place. In 2019, Evan & Paul Shustak used their tech backgrounds to create Beautify, the for-profit technology company and marketplace, to accelerate our mission and bring beautify to the masses, faster than ever. 

Blue Swoosh.jpg
Blue Swoosh.jpg

"The worst color choice one can make is the color of neglect."
 Evan Meyer

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