Until every city is beautiful.

Beautify makes it easy for communities, cities, brands and businesses to transform bare walls into public art that inspires both culturally and economically. Our technology platform connects sponsors, building owners and artists, and guides them through the process of designing, painting and paying for murals and public art. 


Our clients range from shopping center giants to local landlords, major brands to neighborhood associations, big city governments, business development groups, and many NGOs. Our murals have proven to make citizens feel uplifted, safe, and proud of their neighborhoods, increase foot traffic and revenue for local businesses, raise the awareness and perception of brand sponsors, and help expand livable spaces by reducing trash and graffiti.


We ourselves are artists, technologists and experts at urban beautification. We’re always available to help. 


Contact us to learn more and discuss your ideas and plans. Sign up on our platform to join the thousands of artists, landlords, brand managers and city officials who’ve used Beautify to make urban beauty a reality.


Moral Masuoka

Director of Client Success


An expert in customer experience, project management, and data analysis, Moral ensures every customer’s experience and outcome is optimized through our platoform.

Evan Meyer

Chief Executive Officer

Art Portfolio  |   LinkedIn

Evan’s background in designing and building tech platforms includes MySpace, Anthem, and his own company He is also a muralist. 

Justin Wills

Chief Strategy Officer


Founder of art marketplace. An entrepreneur, creative director, and writer with a deep interest in communities and artists.

Ruben Rojas

Chief Creative Officer

Art Portfolio  |   LinkedIn

A former financial advisor, Ruben is now a successful mural artist who has done both small and supersize projects, leading our creative presence and branding.

Igor Beylin

Chief Technology Officer


Igor brings 20 years' experience building technology platforms, managing our development/engineering team to empower urban beautification.

Finn Dannin

Director of Product


A product manager and strategist for 12 years, Finn brings customer-centric thinking to Internet platforms.

Paul Boutin

Director of Communications


With decades in communications and software, Paul connects with everyone from major brands to street artists.

Paul Shustak

Co-founder / Strategy


Led over two dozen product launches with an aggregate global user base of nearly a billion. I've also founded several companies and been fortunate enough to have exited two. 

Christina Noren



Veteran tech / art company founder, CEO / strategist, visual artist, early Splunk team.





Founder, Data Geek & Wealth Management @ AgentRisk | ex-BugSenser (acquired by Splunk, where he became the Director of Engineering).

Ted Wang

Friend of Beautify


A partner in Cowboy Ventures, Ted has guided many startups including Facebook, Square and Dropbox.

Beautify Earth

Our sister non-profit & progenitor

Conceived and originally funded by co-founder Evan Meyer in 2012, the Beautify Earth initiative started on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica (dubbed “Stinkin’ Lincoln”). Evan set out to prove that anyone is capable of making change and that the reward of giving back is inherently the highest form of compensation. Beautify Earth is now an international movement using proven strategies and value sets to bring care, art, color, and love everywhere.


A commitment inspired by the art and community spirit of Burning Man and the street art mecca of Wynwood, Miami, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit movement dedicated to making the world a brighter more inspiring place. By empowering our world’s artists and making our bland/blighted walls/fixtures their canvases, every street can create a joyful experience instead of a sad or fearful one.

Unfortunately, if you look around, you’ll notice that most of the human created world is bland or blighted. While the reality is quite disheartening, the opportunity is quite exciting in believing of the world we could live in. Some opportunities (that are almost always blighted) to inspire, and for artist expression are commercial and public walls, schools, freeways ramps. utility/electrical/traffic signal boxes, public/city building in disrepair, alleyways, dumpsters/trash cans, lamp posts, vandalism incidents.  It's everywhere.

Art creates change, turns a neighborhood into a community, instills social responsibility and community pride, and has the capacity to inspire; converting frowns and apathy into smiles and inspiration.

Beautify Earth Board Members

unnamed (3).jpg

Sergio Cuculiza

Co-founder & Executive Director

Sergio Cuculiza is executive director of Beautify Earth and founder of Beautify Education, a program that extends the Beautify Earth mission to schools and educational centers, inspiring youth through more creative environments and colorful spaces. Many students grow up attending schools that have little to no arts funding and arts-dedicated staff or leadership, and Beautify Education is committed to reversing this. Sergio is also an architect at Omgivning, an architecture and design firm located in downtown LA focused on urban revitalization. Having worked in the commercial and residential sector, Sergio is adamant about designing and creating for the greater good, always aspiring to create meaningful social change through his approach.

unnamed (2).jpg

Ruben Rojas

Co-founder & Board Member

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Ruben Rojas is an artist, financial planner and a co-founder of Beautify Earth. He is influenced by media and the urban landscape surrounding him. Ruben has painted around the world for many private clients. Apart from his custom work, he has been previously commissioned by Zappos, American Express, Heineken, Lululemon, Reebok, Westfield Malls, GT Kombucha, The Los Angeles Zoo, the cities of Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Los Angeles along with various businesses. He has been nominated and awarded the most loved mural(s) in Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles area. He has been featured in several documentaries has given a talk about his work on the TED stage. Through his work he inspires the communities he paints in, reshapes the conversations people have and beautifies the typical beige wall into something unique and empowering. 


Atta Tarki

Board Member

Atta Tarki is the CEO of executive search firm ECA Partners and author of "Evidence-Based Recruiting" (McGraw Hill). Atta is a local Santa Monica resident and was drawn to Beautify Earth's dual mission: civic engagement and public art. 


Marc Morgenstern

Board Member

Experienced business development and strategic marketing executive with creative, entrepreneurial, right brain/left brain approach. Civilly engaged on multiple city board and commissions.

unnamed (1).jpg

Evan Meyer

Co-founder & Board Member

Evan Meyer is a co-founder, and referred to as the "granddaddy of Beautify Earth," starting "Beautify Lincoln" in an effort to transform Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica through art.  After Evan found success locally, and in other cities around Los Angeles and the country,  Beautify Earth was created to perform similar activities on a global level and transform neglected communities through public art, murals, art education, and community engagement. Evan is also the Founder of RideAmigos, a platform that empowers governments and organizations to reduce traffic and parking demand with motivational tools and commuter benefits. Evan is a civic ‘actioneer,’ loves the outdoors, is a master of creative projects, and an avid artist/musician.


Daniela Torres-Mattus

Director of Education

Daniela Mattus is originally from Mexico and learned English in England where she lived as a teenager. In 2010 Daniela decided to use her interviewing skills to coach people to question and design their lives through tools she learned as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner. After volunteering for several years for the non-profit organization Musicians On Call while living in New York City, she moved to Santa Monica and was hired to launch the Los Angeles Musicians on Call chapter. She worked at the organization as a Program Director for 6 years.

Now Daniela writes children’s books and works as the Director of Education for Beautify Earth’s non-profit, dedicated to creating murals at schools. She believes in the power of stories to transform lives through the written word and the visual arts. Daniela lives Santa Monica with her husband Kenli who’s a music producer and their two kids.


Karin Hall

Board Chair

Past Executive Director of Heal the Bay, Karin brings, 20 years of non-profit experience and strategy. 


Scott Mcgee

Board Member

Sergeant with the Santa Monica Police Department, and expert in ethics and philosophy. Scott brings community and connectivity together through art.

Karin Hall

Board Chair

Mark Morgenstern

Board Member

Scott McGee

Board Member

Past Executive Director of Heal the Bay, bringing decades of non-profit and board experience to Beautify.

Core Values

BE a creator of win-wins and “yes, and”

BE team

BE the example

BE kind & persistent

BE a humble servant

BE more with less

BE inspiration

BE the most responsible

BE beautiful through love and careBE fun and weird ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE


Beautify makes it easy for communities, cities, brands and businesses to transform bare walls into public art that inspires both culturally and economically. Our technology platform connects sponsors, building owners and artists, and guides them through the process of designing, painting and paying for murals. 

Worldwide Impact

Beautify Earth’s effort to empower artists and encourage social responsibility worldwide has included work internationally, such as in Armenia, Brazil, India, Mexico, France

"The worst color choice one can make is the color of neglect." —Evan Meyer

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