About Us

Beautify Earth is a marketplace for murals.


We connect artists, landlords and funding sources to convert our world's outdoor wall spaces into public art galleries, unlocking the economic and social benefits of art for both businesses and communities, while giving brands an authentic, organic way to engage consumers.


At Beautify Earth, we passionately believe in the power of art to lift up our communities and bring us together.  Our marketplace provides an engine to power local beautification on a global scale.


We grew out of a non-profit of the same name (now called The Beautify Earth Foundation) whose mission is to put an end to blighted walls and aesthetic apathy by empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility and instilling community pride. We expanded into a for-profit-for-purpose company to scale our efforts via technology and marketplace economics.

Our long-term vision is to partner with brands, artists and the public to power all forms of community-beautification—from art installations to community landscaping, street furniture and pop-up spaces—to bring about a true beautification renaissance.

Who are you and how can we help?


I want to learn more about how a mural will help me grow my revenue.


I want to learn more about how murals help my property appreciate in value and my units achieve higher rents.


I want to learn how murals can distribute my brand message, enhance the public's perception of my brand values and drive real ROI for my products and/or services.


I'm an artist and I want to paint some walls!

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