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Artists who use Beautify receive an average annual increase of

5 additional projects and $25,000 in income

constant opportunities

project owners are looking for artists 24/7 on our platform - instantly get your art in front of the client.

work smarter

up your game with a professional online portfolio, proposal management tools, & collaboration & communication tools.

bye bye busywork

click-wrap contracting, secure payments, & design deposits collected before you start sketching.

we're here for you

we are artists, ourselves, & are here to make sure you succeed. 

Manage Projects Smarter

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Take the logistical hurdles out of getting your art done. We'll do all the busy work for you.

- Manage all your proposals, projects,

& payments in one place -

- Learn the client's needs

& collect design fees upfront - 

- Automatic, digital contracting & insurance - 

Whether we find you new projects, 

or you bring your own,

you'll get paid 400% faster through Beautify on average.

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Professional Portfolios

Your online CV with visual tools to put your best foot forward, and get jobs in the process.

 - all your work, social handles, maps, and more - 

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Map Your Work

Art tours are created automatically just by adding art to your account.

 - generate interactive maps of your work effortlessly - 

- embed map on your own website; a perfect addition to you "locations" page -

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David Gilmore

David has a “paint on everything” approach to art-making which includes: canvas, furniture, surfboards, apparel, objects, accessories, bodies, and walls.  His work celebrates diversity and inclusion.


“I’ve had the great fortune of working with Beautify Earth and am thrilled about their marketplace platform and its vast reach.  This is an ideal place for artists to connect with wall owners.”

- David Gilmore

Work with top brands.

Marketing teams are always looking for an artist that can tell their story in new and exciting ways. When they browse our artist profiles, we want YOU on that list.


Working with brands is a great way to accelerate your mural career. Beautify works with some of the world's top brands to give artists exposure that can change their life with just one project. 


Let's build your portfolio together!

Koreatown, Los Angeles

Where artists, property owners, and brands join together to paint the world.