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David Gilmore

David has a “paint on everything” approach to art-making which includes: canvas, furniture, surfboards, apparel, objects, accessories, bodies, and walls.  His work celebrates diversity and inclusion.


“I’ve had the great fortune of working with Beautify Earth and am thrilled about their marketplace platform and its vast reach.  This is an ideal place for artists to connect with wall owners.”

- David Gilmore

We'll handle the busywork!

Murals can often come with a lot of extra busy work, taking you away from what you do best, ART!


Let us handle the busywork! Our platform will handle the bidding, requirements, mock-ups, contracting, and payment.


Whether we find you a new opportunity or you have your own, we'll accelerate your projects, so you can create more art and more opportunities faster than ever.  


Evan Mendel

Gino Loffredo, Koreatown, Los Angeles

Get going. Get hired.

Perhaps you have a website or an active Instagram account. Great!  The more the merrier! All of your awesome murals in one social gallery though?  Less likely. 

That's why we're here. We want the world to see and share your work during the hiring process. 

Keep your art portfolio with us sharp and let the jobs follow.

Work with top brands.

Marketing teams are always looking for an artist that can tell their story in new and exciting ways. When they browse our artist profiles, we want YOU on that list.


Working with brands is a great way to accelerate your mural career. Beautify works with some of the world's top brands to give artists exposure that can change their life with just one project. 


Let's build your portfolio together!

Koreatown, Los Angeles

Santa Monica, CA 

Beautify Earth

We've helped thousands of artists paint murals worldwide. We understand the power they have to transform entire communities.


We also understand how difficult it can be to find the right projects in the right locations.


Join us in our mission to beautify the earth while helping you expand your creative footprint across the globe.

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