How it works

 ✓ Get Designs

 ✓ Get a Mural 

 ✓ Enjoy a happy wall 

1.  Add your wall and complete your wall profile

Add your wall, confirm the budget range, and complete the artist guidance section. More detailed wall profiles receive more accurate artist proposals. This will give artists an idea of your vision and budget for your wall.

2. Choose a design package 

Choose a design package below, and start requesting proposals, or contact us.  All design fees count towards the final cost of the mural, as determined by artist bids


Fastest: < 1 week 

Best if you'd like a mural similar to or exactly like a design by an artist on our marketplace.

Request a proposal, pay design fee,

receive a mockup.


design fee total


Faster: ~1 week

Best if you'd like an original design, and know the artist(s) from whom you'd like to receive proposals.


Request a proposal, pay design fee,

receive mockup(s).


design fee per artist


Fast: 1-2 weeks

Best if you'd like an original design and would like to receive multiple mockups from the entire artist community.


Pay now, get mockups!


design fee total

3. Perfect the design 

Work with the artist to finalize your design and cost.

4. Start Beautifying 

Beautify will handle all contracting and payment, and confirm your mural start date!

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