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We're not just a mural company 

We're a beautification platform that is creating technology to make businesses, homes, and communities beautiful around the world. Our a team is here to help activate your vision and ready to assist with any and all of your questions.

How will you Beautify?

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Start a Project

Start a mural campaign or create a mural for your local business. Hire an artist, find a wall, and manage a project of any size.

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Paint a Mural

Leave your mark on the world. Build your portfolio, find jobs, and manage your projects all in one place.

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List Your Wall

Have a wall? Beautify it! Transform your space into something incredible and get paid to Beautify your community.

Hire an artist, find a wall, or both

1.  Create a project

Create a Beautify account for artists and hosts to view your project. Describe your vision and project needs to help find the perfect artist or wall for your mural.


Hire an Artist

Invite your favorite artists to submit proposals to your project.

Beautify Fee:  3% Service Fee


Find a Wall

Browse available walls on the platform. Favorite and inquire on walls you like, or hire Beautify to help find the right wall for your mural.

Beautify Fee: Based on wall

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Hire Beautify

Let us do the work for you. We'll work with you to make the perfect creative brief and handle the whole process for you, from selection to execution.

Beautify Fee: Custom

2.  Connect 

Begin working with our amazing community of artists and hosts. View invitations and proposals in your dashboard, and chat with questions.

4. Start Beautifying 
We have your back by facilitating all contracting and payments.

3.  Collaborate

Pay the design fee to collaborate with an artist on a design that is impactful and customized to your needs. All design fees count towards the final cost of the mural, determined between you and the artist.

How to start & manage a project

Sign up to the platform here


1. Add your project 

Once signed up, you'll be prompted to "add a project."  (This can also be found in the main menu at the top right once signed up).  Fill out all applicable fields. This will be your creative brief. 


2. Develop your style  

Browse/Search for artists on the search page. + your favorites, and ❤️ murals you love. These will all be saved to your Roster, and will help you identify the art, artists, and styles that reflect your brand, both now and for your future projects.


3. Build consensus

In the "Account Info"page you can set your handle to create your custom sharable urls to communicate your rosters and projects with your team.


4. Invite artists

… from artists in your Roster and confirm they can do the job within the timeframe needed and for what price.


5. Pay a design fee 

... to start the mockup process.  We hold this and all payments safely in escrow for you which are applied to total project cost. Artists will submit design(s) iterations through the platform for your projects. In-platform chat is also available to communicate and share media. Should you move off platform for communications at any point, make sure to keep any agreements made within the platform so we can both protect and guide you where needed.


6. Pay agreed project fee 

Once artist submits a final mock-up that you approve, pay remaining amount for project. We release half before they start and half after completed to your satisfaction.


7. Let the beautification begin! 

Coordinate logistics with artists to make sure they have appropriate access to begin painting. An email will be sent at this stage with best practices as you move through the workflow.


8. Track all of your projects 

You'll see everything move through our project flow in the platform, while staying organized with all project related info, communication's, and designs in one place.


As always, Beautify is here to support and make sure your experience is a perfect one.