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We're not just a mural company 

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We're a beautification technology platform, making businesses, homes, and communities beautiful around the world, with a team ready to assist the whole way through.

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Beautify my property with a mural.


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1.  Create Wall Profile

Create a Beautify account for artists and sponsors to view your wall's profile. Describe your vision and project needs to help find the perfect artist for your mural. More detailed profiles receive better artist proposals.

2.  Connect 

Begin working with our amazing community of artists. View requested and received proposals in your dashboard, and message artists directly in their proposal with questions.



Faster: ~1 week

Request proposals for free to receive a quote for your mural.

Then pay design fee to get a custom mock-up for your wall.


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Fast: 1-2 weeks

Don’t have a specific artist in mind? Let us do the work for you.


We'll promote your project to the artist community to get you proposals based on your preferencesYou pick your favorite!




Mural is free.


There are no guarantees on if or when your wall will be chosen, and creative control is very limited.

3.  Collaborate

Pay the design fee to collaborate with an artist on a design that is impactful and customized to your needs. All design fees count towards the final cost of the mural, determined between you and the artist.


4. Start Beautifying 

Beautify will handle all contracting and payment, and confirm your mural start date!