Heineken Sponsors Beautify Hollywood Efforts

As part of Heineken’s Cities campaign, which aims to make great cities even greater, Heineken has partnered with Beautify Earth and is helping bring the “Beautify Hollywood” project to life.

Artists will transform the look of Hollywood Boulevard through a series of stunning paintings, which are inspired by the icons of Hollywood past and present.

In partnership with Beautify Earth, Heineken created an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to build support for the project and to reward supporters with unique perks. To kick off the project, Heineken helped support the installation of 25 artworks – and the Indiegogo campaign will fund up to an additional 25 installations, truly transforming the iconic neighborhood.

Heineken’s support of Beautify Hollywood is the latest effort from its larger Cities campaign, which has supported projects like James Murphy’s “Subway Symphony” in New York, Leo Villareal’s “Bay Lights” in San Francisco and, most recently, the renovation of Florida’s famed Miami Marine Stadium.


Stimulate the Local Economy

Nearly every business with an artistic facade painted by Beautify Earth has seen an increase in revenue up to 50%.

Inspire a Walking City

Murals increase community pride, resident loyalty, economic growth, and inspires local investment. Beautify Earth empowers communities through action.

Generate Massive Community Participation

Volunteers, artists, donors, businesses, local government, neighborhood associations, business improvement districts, and children, all come together for a single cause… to make their neighborhood beautiful, together

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