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See your building
in a whole new light.

When you rent your wall for a mural you get paid to transform your space into something incredible.

Rent Your Wall for a Mural

Your community will too.

You Provide the Wall, We'll bring the rest.

Murals have been proven to make communities feel uplifted, safe, and proud, and help expand livable spaces by reducing vandalism. Once you sign up to become a host the process can get rolling, and Beautify support is here to help at any point along the way.

The Perks of Joining Beautify.

We put your wall to work for you

Producers are actively looking for walls to rent for murals and our platform helps them find you. Renting out your wall can provide an excellent source of revenue.

Keep everything straight, all in one place

Whether you’ve got one wall to rent, or dozens, our host dashboard helps you manage and organize everything from contracting, to reviewing designs, to getting paid.

Make an impact in your community

Positively impact your community by bringing in color and inspirational messages. Investment in mural arts on otherwise blank walls has been proven to reduce vandalism and promote community engagement.

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“I moved my business to Lincoln Blvd because with of the new murals, I knew the area is up-and-coming.”

Satda Thai, Santa Monica


Start Having Your Wall Work For You

List Your Wall

We make it easy to sign up and list your wall. All you need is an address, dimensions, and photos, if available.


Receive Offers from Producers

Brands, cities, and nonprofits use our database to find wall partners. If your wall is a good match they’ll reach out with an offer and information on the project.


Submit Proposals

Check out mural projects looking for a wall and find all the info you need from project vision, budget, size, desired location, and more.


Manage Multiple Rentals

Our centralized host dashboard makes it easy to keep track of offers, manage projects, and get paid.


Get Paid

All contracting and payments are facilitated through our secure payment system.


Frequently asked questions


Who handles incidents of vandalism/graffiti?

Beautify handles all graffiti incidents during the rental period.

Who paints over it after the rental period, or can I keep it?

This depends on the sponsor or campaign. Some like it to be painted over after a some period of time, some will allow it to stay up. This will often be determined before painting, but otherwise, it's up to you if you would like to keep the arty after the rental period.


When do I get paid?

Beautify pays you the entire rental fee upfront before the painting begins.

How do I get paid?

Connect your bank account in our platform on your dashboard for us to electronical send you your payment.


Do I get a choice in the design?

  • Generally speaking, not really... the sponsor will very quickly find a different wall if they think this is going to lead to a back and forth about the design. Minor changes may be considered.
  • You are able to review the design before approving the agreement with the sponsor.
  • Our community guidelines help guide them to create community serving art.

Is this an advertisement?

  • No. Beautify does encourage painting product and service advertisements, and this does not fit within our community guidelines. It's not part of our ethos, and is also frowned upon by many communities.
  • We do allow for the sponsors, artists, businesses, landlords, communities to use the mural as part of their own marketing agenda, often on the digital side.
  • We do allow for subtle attribution often in the form of a hashtag or handle next to the artists name


What are the terms

  • General terms can be found in our site's mural agreement, here.
  • Anything listed in your wall listing on the platform will be included in the agreement.
  • Our payment to you executes this agreement.


Are you insured?

Yes, we're insured, and happy to provide a copy of our coverage upon request.

Recently Rented Walls

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Atlanta, GA

$5000 / 3 Months

Sponsored by No Kid Hungry

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Los Angeles, CA

$4500 / 3 Months

Sponsored by 60 Second Docs

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location icon.png

El Paso, TX

$1000 / 3 Months
Sponsored by Estrella Jalisco