From concept to completion, we'll bring your vision to life

Now more than ever, people care about the values behind a brand. We work with local artists to connect you with communities in a creative and sustainable way. Let us bring balance to your brand, marketing, and product strategy through art.

Mural Campaigns

Corporate Art

Packaging Art

Public Art

Hand Painted Ads

Corporate Art
Packaging Art
Public Art
Hand Painted Ads
Mural Campaigns

Tell your story through art

Connect with communities by working with local artists to tell your story through art.

Create art that tells the story of your...

  • Social marketing campaign
  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Cause-based campaign
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Corporate Art

Where business
meets art

Connect with communities by working with local artists to share your message with art

Create art that tells the story of your...

  • Social marketing campaign
  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Cause-based campaign
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Packaging Art

Turn your product into a canvas

Put art into the hands of millions through your product's label or packaging

Add art to your…

  • Bottle
  • Wrapper
  • Box
  • Clothing
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Public Art

Support local arts &culture

Become a modern-day patron by showing your brand, city, or building's support of the arts

Perfect for…

  • Brand positioning, awareness, & loyalty
  • City or neighborhood public art programs
  • Local organizations or nonprofits
  • Commercial real estate
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Hand-painted Ads

Bye bye billboards

Spice up your out of home advertising with a message no one will miss

Tie this into your…

  • Product advertising
  • Brand awareness
  • Event marketing
  • Creative campaigns
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How we work

We’ve got you covered every step of the way

Research & Strategy

Discovery research - Goal setting - Project pricing & timeline - Art strategy - Location strategy

Planning & Proposals

Artist research & outreach - Artist proposals - Artist selection - Wall research & outreach - Wall proposals - Wall selection - Permitting

Design Development

Creative brief - Design proposals & feedback - Design approvals - Deliver design assets

Installation & Post-production

Site-coordination - Materials & equipment - Photography & videography - Events - Impact reporting


Jolly Rancher Absurdly Flavorful campaign

Hershey partnered with Beautify to develop part limited edition packaging art for Jolly Rancher gummies and transform the packaging art into murals around the country. We worked with local artists from LA, NY, and Miami to interpret the theme of Absurdly Flavorful into art. Learn more here.

Locations & Artists

Miami, FL | Works of Stark
Los Angeles, CA | KIDWISEMAN
New York, NY | Danielle Mastrion


Estrella Jalisco Salud You Star campaign

Estrella Jalisco and Beautify launched campaign to honor local stars nominated on Twitter by their own neighbors. The campaign's goal was to bring vibrant art to communities with which Estrella Jalisco has a cultural connection. By beautifying neighborhoods and uplifting local residents, the campaign connected Estrella Jalisco's deep Mexican heritage to present-day people in its new US markets. Read more here.

Locations & Artists

San Diego | Taylor Gallegos & Carly Ealey
Los Angeles | SEL & Cecilia Paints
Phoenix | Clyde & Lucretia Torva
El Paso | CIMI & Martin "Blaster" Zubia


Zappos Core Values campaign

As part of Zappos' Downtown Project, an effort to restore the culture and well-being of downtown Las Vegas, Zappos extend their urban beautification efforts to ten cities across the US. Each city's mural illustrated one of Zappos' ten core principles. Read more here.

Locations & Artists

Miami | Angelino
Baltimore | Cory Stowers
Austin | Jade DMZL
Los Angeles | David Gilmore
San Francisco | Amanda Lynn

Boston | Zach Nolin
Philadelphia | Chroma Dolls
Chicago | Matthew Hoffman
New York | Gaia
San Diego | Trek Kelly


Lexus A World Worth Exploring campaign

Create murals for a digital advertising campaign that raised awareness around Lexus’ and Beautify Earth’s dedication to creating a world worth exploring, while increasing sentiment and favorability for the Lexus brand and the first-ever UX. We also partnered with social-impact marketing firm, Givewith, to create a digital campaign and conduct business and social-impact research. Read more here.

Locations & Artists

Los Angeles, CA

  • Adrian Wong
  • Jimmy Danko
  • Ornamental Conifer


Heineken Cities campaign

As part of Heineken's Cities campaign, which aimed to "make great cities even greater," Heineken partnered with Beautify Earth in 2016 to transform the look of Hollywood Boulevard through a series of as many as 50 stunning paintings inspired by the icons of Hollywood past and present. Their experiential approach was a refreshing alternative to typical mural advertising. Read more here.

Locations & Artists

50+ artists on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA


No Kid Hungry Rebuilding campaign

Children's visions for a better future was the heart of this campaign led by No Kid Hungry.  Working with five local artists across the US, we created murals inspired by the perspective of local children on how they were affected by the pandemic and their vision for a better future. This work was part their  awareness campaign, "Rebuilding”, where No Kid Hungry sought to unite the public to help rebuild a nation where every child in every community has the meals they need to thrive. Read more here.

Locations & Artists

Detroit, MI | Desiree Kelly
Los Angeles, CA | Steve Martinez
New York, NY | Johnsville
Atlanta, GA | George F Baker III
Washington DC | Trap bob


Technology Services

Artist database

Your go to place to search for, review, and hire the best muralists

No more Google searches, instagram scrolling, or spreadsheets. Our search tools and art portfolios showcase an amazing community of artists. Check out their art, read their bio, and take a tour of their mural map. Check out our artists here.

Project briefs

Organize all project details in one place

Document your creative brief, wall details, timeline, and more all on one sharable page. Take a look at some of our current projects here.


Take your project from proposal to paint with our project management tools

We've put 10+ years experience managing mural projects into one dashboard. Easily manage your project details, proposals, invoices, payments, and design approvals. View your dashboard here.

“That is why I love working with Beautify - there is always a deeper layer to the whole experience, which in my opinion is  where the beauty of it is.”

Michael Pukownik
US Head of Artist Marketing
Amazon Music

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